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Don’t have the luxury of money to buy heaps of makeups and beauty products? Don’t have on-call makeup artists?

Don’t fret; being beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive.

Certainly, with these beauty hacks, you can be gorgeous without breaking the bank.

Then read on.......

No waterproof lipstick?

After putting on lipstick, place a piece of tissue paper on your lips and put powder over it. This technique will allow the color to set and provide you with a long-term effect.

Life and beauty hack tissue on lip for lipstick

No nail dryer?

Pour cold water into a bowl. After applying nail polish on your nails, dip them in the bowl. This will help to increase the drying process.

Beauty Hack to dry nail polish in cold water

No gel liner?

Place the pencil tip close to a flame for 30 seconds and cool it down for 15 minutes or more. The pencil will then give you a thick and intense effect just like the gel liners.

Greasy hair?

Don’t have dry shampoo? Using baby powder has the same effect. Simply apply powder on your hairline and rub it. It will help to remove the greasy-appearance and make your hair look great.

beauty back blog about greasy hair and beautiful hair using baby powder

No makeup wipes?

You can use baby wipes instead of makeup wipes. They have the same effect plus baby wipes are gentler on your skin.

beauty back blog about baby-wipes-1170x780

No curling iron?

If you don’t have a curling iron, try braiding your hair tight on both side and let them stay overnight. In the morning, untangle the braid, spray and scrunch them and voila, you will have curly, bouncy waves.

Mascara perfection?

While putting on mascara, use a business card by placing it behind your lashes. It will help to straighten the lashes and at the same time prevent mascara from smearing on your eyelids.

Limited budget for a French manicure/pedicure?

Using the curved end of a Band-Aid, place it a little way from the nail tip. Now apply your desired nail color and let it dry before peeling of the Band-Aid. This will provide a French manicure effect.

Want long-lasting curl effect?

For curls that'll last longer, simply roll up your hair back after using the curling iron and pin them and let them cool. In the same way, in straightening your hair, place a cardboard near the roots of your hair and use bobby pins to hold it. After you hair cools down, take the cardboard off.

Want to keep bobby pins in place?

Often, bobby pins just don't cooperate. To prevent them from sliding, put the pins over a tissue paper and spray them with a stiff hold hairspray. This will help by making them stay longer on your hair.


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