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Did you know that condom has another significant use?

Apparently, apart from the protection it offers from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, you can use condoms on beautyblenders.

Yes, this is the latest beauty hack that works!

It started with the discovery of beauty vlogger, Laila Tahri.

Laila Tahri, a known YouTuber has revealed the hack, which according to her helps in preventing the beautyblender from taking in too much foundation in the same way with the SiliSponge while at the same time provides the desired sponge effect.

Tahri thinks that incorporating a condom along with a beautyblender is a good idea, as she explained it in her YouTube video.

According to her, since the SiliSponge is extremely popular today and SiliSponge doesn’t take in any product, however, after trying it, she still preferred using a normal sponge.

And it came to her that if she would place a plastic around the sponge, the effect would be the same.

But prior to using it with your beautyblender or touching your face, make sure to wash the lubrication from the condom first. Check her sped-up video on Instagram below.

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And just recently, another beauty vlogger, Itzayana Lizbeth also tried out the condom in applying foundation; however, she totally avoided the beautyblender, instead deciding to simply fill a condom with lotion.

Itzayana later described the results of her hack as stunning and that so far the best technique she has used as a beauty sponge.

Watch Itzayana put her method to the test in the video below.

How about you? Do you consider the idea of including condoms into your beauty regimen? Why not? As long as it works! xx


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