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For many, autumn in Australia is a perfect moment to enjoy the outdoors .. 

When daylight savings ends, the weather tempts us to stay at home in our comfy beds more than ever.

But don't let it get you down, because there's still plenty of things to explore like attending festivals, dining out nice places, cinemas, and maybe even those dates that lead to him cooking?! 

Either way bring on the Fall make up looks... and oh, and a jacket ;)

Yes, new season, new life, and an incredible showcase of natural hues – deep yellow, burnished orange, burgundy, and nudes, like specific nudes/brown ...

Also, the fall season is an excellent time to revamp your overall look, head to toe – your makeup, wardrobe, footwear, accessories, and of course, "the window to the soul"... The eyes! It's all in the eyes ...Remember that.

So which brings us to today's Blog Featuring 5 amazing Solotica Colors! Bring on your Autumn spirit and the FEELS.

To make it simple for you, we’ve listed the classy colors that are IN this fall season, which will definitely complement the season's rainbow of hues.

Hidrocor Ocre

When you talk about fall, you visualize fallen leaves — things that come in rich brown hues. It’s always a glowing warm, deep and soft season.

Hidrocor Ocre; Bringing you this honey, hazel colored lens with a tinge of grey also exudes a sultry, warm look. Just perfect to wear this fall.

Hidrocor Cristal

Look stunning in shades that are rich or muted, yet still warm and inviting. A grey/light blue colored lens such as the Hidrocor Cristal is great to pull off an incredible cut crease look that will always turn heads. Moreover, this color will bring out a healthy, gorgeous glow in a fair skin tone.


Hidrocor Grafite

Wish to stray slightly from the typical warm autumn colours? It’s possible to do while still maintaining a gorgeous look.

For bolder eyes, the Hidrocor Grafite, bluish with a tinge of grey colored lens is superb.

We highly encourage you guys to try a darker color as it will add drama and mystery to your look.

Natural Mel

To completely pull together your fall look, go for the Natural Mel lens. Its right shade of greenish grey colour is vibrant and bold without being overwhelming. This is great if you have a strong urge to go beyond the earthy brown, spiced peach, warm yellow and fiery gold hues.


Natural Ocre

Hints of brown are everywhere in fall, so why not add this beautiful shade into your lenses? Just an earth tone will accent your outfit beautifully; the Natural Ocre lens with brown/hazel colour will also draw attention to your eyes. This lens is undeniably inspired by the season.

And there you have it, five lens colors to ENHANCE and bring out that AUTUMN spirit for your looks this season..

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