You had a blast last night - you danced your heart out and drank to good times.


And most of all, you were dazzling..

You are enjoying yourself and having an awesome time until… you woke up the next morning and looked like a mess!

Although you cannot take back what you have drunk last night, however, you can still look amazing with these effective beauty hacks...

1. Rehydrate.

One downside of taking alcohol is it dehydrates. It takes away the moisture from your skin, thus making you look dull and tired.

So if you are planning to drink alcoholic beverages, make sure to drink something that contains electrolytes the day after.

Electrolytes can help your body to retain water. For instance, Vita Coco coconut water has a lot of natural electrolytes.


2. Freshen up with a face wash.

After your all-nighter party, freshen up.

Remove your makeup using warm water along with a gentle skin cleanser such as Cetaphil.

After rinsing away the cleanser, turn off the water heater and rinse your face with cool water a few times.

The cool water helps decrease puffiness and tightens the pores.

But the effect is just temporary.


3. Illuminate dull skin with a tinted moisturiser.


To achieve glowing skin the next day, use a tinted moisturiser. Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15 is a good choice. This moisturiser has light-reflecting particles that let your skin look radiant without looking oily. Then, apply light powder.


4. Depuff with an eye cream.

To remove that under-eye puffiness and darkness from your all-nighter party, use a supercharged eye cream.

Dermalogica Eye Cream can do the trick as it helps in stimulating the lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness, and its luminescent particles help in radiating your skin.


5. Ditch headache with aspirin.


Taking aspirin the day after late night parties can help in reducing headache and may help to improve your skin, too.

Aspirin is well-known as an anti-inflammatory medicine, meaning it can aid in decreasing puffiness and redness that’s visible on your face.


6. Liven up your cheeks with a blush.

Brighten up your cheeks with a blush.

Go for more nude/spice shade such as Make Up For Ever HD Blush, only available on Sephora.

So it will not further emphasize the redness on your skin.

7. Glow your eyes with mascara.


A few coats of a buildable formula applied around your eyes such as Covergirl Flamed Out will help make your eyes look more alert and teasing. Opt for the black shade so the white of your eyes appear brighter.

Black color will help to negate the redness around your eyes.

Skip the bottom lashes as applying them may produce a shadow that will highlight under-eye dark circles – which is, of course, something you want to avoid.

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