Sarah Roza, the reality TV star of Married At First Sight show, is the epitome of glam.

She can be glammed up and look like a million dollar as well as she can wear no make-up and look every bit confident. That’s her, Sarah!

Beautiful inside out, with a great sense of humour and make-up always on point.

Check out Sarah’s natural eye colour. But she likes to experiment with her eye colour and boy does she do it with perfection!

Known to be the red head with green eyes, doesn’t rose gold hair look just as snazzy on her as did her fiery red tresses? Those eyes only add to the glorious beauty that she is. Get Otaku Honeymoon Ocean lenses.

The Married At First Sight star uses make-up that not only looks stunning on her but is affordable too. Check out her make-up buys and you will know what we are talking about. She describes her look as Bo-glam which is short for Bogan Glam.

Did you know she has her eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner already tattooed on her, now that saves so much time, we think!

She makes every heart beat on the double. Nude make-up, rose gold hair and those eyes that do all the talking. Get ‘em with Otaku Passion Pearl contact lenses.

Check out her beautiful green eyes, you can get yours, Otaku Inspire Emerald.

She is not just about dolling up, she can also kick some butt if she has to. Her much talked about Krav maga self defense class proves she is no femme fatale.

She loved passionately but she is not one to cry over a failed relationship. We love her because she stands tall, carries herself with dignity and strength.

Resilient as she is, after her breakup with Telv Williams she looks fab. Check out her body transformation. You go Sarah!

Sarah’s move to go make-up free for a magazine shoot was her way to restore her self-esteem and tell her past boyfriends that she is beautiful the way she is.

Don’t you just love her?

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