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Nikkie Tutorial talks about something that is very near and dear to her heart.

If you remember about a year ago Nikkie did this little video called “The Power of Makeup”.

.......and in The "Power of Makeup", she wanted to show people that "we" makeup lovers don’t wear makeup because we’re insecure or because we don’t feel confident enough about ourselves. (Scroll Down to read and see pictures........)

NO! To us, makeup lovers is something where we can express our art, where we can be ourselves and just love the process of just seeing yourself transform and she feels like with that video, as a community, really made a statement saying:

“Back Off, we love makeup and don’t makeup shame us”.

1. Jazzy Mina

And we thought makeup shaming was over and done with but a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that makeup shaming is so alive!

2. Evelina Forsell


"Nikkie states; "I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet by a woman and she had a photo of this beautiful gorgeous girl and she was wearing the whole 9 yards, she looks absolutely fantastic glam. She was “blinding” by the Gods, she was beautiful.

And basically there was this tweet saying “Oh my God! This is too much, this has to stop”. People are taking this Kardashian trends way too far and to me it really hit me because makeup shaming is real. And I feel like, makeup shaming has to be put into an end."

What harm does it do to you to let someone play with makeup and feel their best-selves?

3. 홀리 (Her name was written in Korean because we couldn't find her English name)


So many people out there think “Oh my God! If she is addictive to makeup she is insecure and she is doing it to impress boys and that is totally not the case when you love makeup.

3. Artist | Goar_avetisyan


"You love the transform of it, the power of it. You love playing with that glitter, playing with highlight. It is not about impressing others, it’s for us."

4. Artist | Goar_avetisyan

5. @_univrsalbeauty


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We’re gonna be alter glam to show this makeup haters and makeup shamers to “Back Off”.

6. Nikita Dragon

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What am I also really really proud of is that, usually when I do a tutorial a lot of people are kinda hesitant to try the look out because it might a little bit intimidating to you.

7. Truly touched by this outstanding transformation by @makeupbycorey


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And lastly to top it off.................. lol

 OR you can always transform your looks by a simple change in eye color .




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