Eyes are the window to your soul. That’s why when we say, ‘Let your eyes do the talking’, we damn well mean ‘ Just let them.’

With all the festivities right around, Christmas is a special occasion where we put up the lights, gather up and decorate with Christmas lights and make up looks!

It sure is a swell time to start looking and feeling great.. Here we have 7 Amazing Christmas looks this year.

1. Sparkle Christmas night:

christmas looks and makeup eye contact lenses

Keep ‘em understated. Gradient effect eyes can be quite eye catching. Throw some metallic glitter eye shadow, and then power it up with a cat-eye flick of eyeliner and false eyelashes. They add a natural charm when you contrast the look with hazel eyes. Solotica Hidrocor Ocre contact lenses will lend perfection to the Christmas night light...

2. Warm fuzzy Christmas feelings..

For all you intrepid make-up lovers, graphite eyes are for you. Keeping your eyes sharp and well defined with a bit of sparkle with winged eyeliner. Dark eye make-up hugely complements the contrasting blue irises. You'll need a pair of Solotica Hidrocor Grafite to pull off this look and let your eyes do the talking.

3. Christmas lights up

‘Tis the season to party. With Christmas here and New Year round the corner, shimmer and glitter rule the roost. Eyes without sparkle for a party is a crime. Foil the upper eyelid with rose gold eye shadow and sprinkle some glitter under. Outline with a visible layer of liner. Don’t forget your fake eyelashes and generous layers of mascara. Try Otaku Lover Cloud contact lenses, the brighter your eyes the more magical effects you leave on others..

4. Welcoming Christmas

If you are a lover of dusk, then these sunset-effect eyes are perfect. An effortless blend of foiling, graphic and smokey eyes is what this look screams of. Bronze, silver and black eye shadow beautifully highlight the eyes done and dusted for the party tonight. Sunset eyes against blue is just as beautiful as watching the sun go down by the sea. Complimented with Solotica Hidrocor Grafite eyes to enhance the look.

5. Solotica Natural Quartzo

Orange smokey eyes, glitter and fake eyelashes are all you need to create this gorgeous look. You may be underplaying your eyes yet they scream for attention. Long lashes brushed with mascara only makes it better. Try Solotica Natural Quartzo to make the look worth its while.

6. A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

Otaku Lover Cloud (left) and Otaku Desire Honey (right)

An impeccable mix of blended and smokey eye colours. The shimmer effect around the corner of the eye lends a mysterious appeal. Don’t forget the false lashes layered with several coats of mascara to add drama to your eyes. What’s more? You can play with the look with either Otaku Lover Cloud blue contact lenses or Otaku Desire Honey.

7. Last Christmas..

You can’t escape the effects of a pair of nicely done smokey eyes. Quintessential, classic and totally gorgeous! They have the capacity to upgrade any look. Otaku Passion Pearl contact lenses help capture the magical touch of these eyes. Believe us and try ‘em for Christmas with a nice touch of red lippy to top it up! And we have came to an end.

What are your thoughts of these looks? Would you try them? Tag us let us know! We would love to see them!

Aside from that have a very Merry Christmas my loves <3

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