Natalie Halcro, known for her gorgeous bright eyes and a modern day Marilyn Monroe physique, started as IG famous now with 3.8 million followers currently.

E!'s newest reality TV show, Relatively Nat & Liv, stars Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson, two cousins and best friends with. Friends with the Kardashians. No wonder why they're rising to fame so quickly and everyone is interested to know their little secrets.Now, what color are Natalie Halcro’s real eyes? Does Natalie Halcro where color contacts ?

Here we have done extensive research for you to get to the bottom of it !! Here's some of her photos.

Below Natalie's eye color looks like a warm ocean blue kind of color like Otaku Honeymoon Ocean.

Here, this is interesting, maybe the picture was taken in a more lighted area her eye color turned light grey in color same with that of Otaku Crystal Moonlight.

In this photo her eyes seems like greenish in color. It kind of resembles the Otaku Kryptonite Green. Don't you think?

Natalie's eyes looks like bluish/greyish in here; Much like Otaku Winter Kiss.

Natalie's eyes are arguably the most striking part of her gorgeous face, which are a light blue color just like Otaku Passion Pearl.

Now, we found a photo with her bare eyes. Want to know what color are her natural eyes? It's Hazel! Now you know what Natalie Halcro's natural eye color is! (You're welcome!!)

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