Scrolling through your Instagram feeds, looking at all those gorgeous-eyed ladies, haven’t you been searching for ways to get your eyes to glam-up too? Well, Otaku hears your call loud and clear! You can achieve those n-eyes eyes in no time. (You read the pun right)

Almost 50% of the world’s population is brown-eyed. Phew! That’s quite a huge percentage of brown-eyed people, don’t you think? That also means a huge percentage of the world’s female population wears colored lenses, and gosh, do they look pretty.

Here, we have compiled six of the best colored contact lenses supplied by Otaku, made exclusively for the glam-up of your naturally beautiful eyes. Otaku designs lenses to give you just that eye-conic look you’ve been chasing for so long! (Pun intended) Dive in this blog to explore more about Otaku lenses.


Otaku’s six best eye lens picks for naturally brown eyes include Dark Silver, Crystal Moonlight, Desire Honey, Honeymoon Ocean, Passion Pearl, and Smokey Greyyen. They give a chic, glamourous look to your eye instantaneously.

Each one of these lenses is different from the other in the aspect of the style statements. Thus, you can conveniently pick the one according to your preference. Below, we have discussed them all in detail.

Dark silver

Dark Silver.jpg

A part of Otaku's Russian Collection, the Dark Silver lenses are super voguish. If you have dark-colored eyes and have always admired the look of light-colored eyes, then we assure you, Dark Silves is the one for you!

Comfortable to wear and easy to carry, these Dark Silver transform your eyes in a jiffy. They lighten the shade of your dark-shaded eyes without losing the natural feel. Also, they come with a contact lens case so, you can store them conveniently.

Crystal moonlight

Crystal Moonlight.jpg

Prepare yourself for a handful of compliments when you wear these Crystal Moonlight contact lenses. As the name suggests, the color of these lenses reflects the color of the moonlight you adore.

It has a crystal-greyish color with a tinge of blue and lots of elegance pouring down from every corner. They are full of glamor and make your eyes pop-up.

Desire honey

Desire Honey.jpg

Desire Honey- the name speaks for itself. The hazel-brown tone mimicking the lust and sweetness of the honey color makes it one of the most desired colors.

Lightening up the color tone of your eyes, desire honey happens to be one of those colors that end up looking great no matter how you put them on.

Honeymoon Ocean

Honemoon Ocean.jpg

One of our personal favorites, Honeymoon Ocean steals the show where you go. These lenses give you those ocean eyes that provide a depth and aesthetic to your eyes.

These lenses share the same beautiful blue color as the ocean itself. It's one of those colors that would make anyone's jaw drop in awe. It gives a deep, romantic, and voguish aspect to the eyes.

Passion pearl

Passion Pearl.jpg

Passion Pearl transforms dark-colored eyes into mysterious and elegant light grey eyes. A cool but luscious color, Passion Pearl gives your eyes a captivating look.

The Passion Pearl contact lenses can classify as the perfect shade of grey for eyes. Not too dark, not too light, these lenses perfectly compliment the eyes.

Smokey Greyyen

Smokey Greyyen.jpg

Last on the list, Smokey Greyyen, is a combination of three different color tones. An ideal combination, these lenses reflect more than just a pretty color and modish eyes.

The grey ring on the outside represents strength to overcome the challenges of life. While the hazel in the middle represents embracing your unique self, and your own beauty. Overall, the color represents self-love and confidence. Isn't that beautiful?

Smokey Greyyen is not only a tribute to your beauty but also, is a pretty fashionable color. The choice fashionistas, this color gives your eyes a smokey look.


If you’re indecisive, or simply don’t know how to pick the right contact lenses that will look best on your eyes, no need to lash out at yourself! (Oh, you know what we mean) Queen, we’ve got you covered completely. If you want your contact lenses to complement your appearance, then it has to be the right color. The two things to consider when buying colored contact lenses are:

  • Skin tone
  • Hair color
  • Light

If you have fair skin, then you are good to go with almost every color. In particular, crystal moonlight and Honeymoon Ocean will look elegant and classy on you. For dusky or tan skins, it is ideal to go with bright colors as they will make your eyes pop-up. Avoiding colors like aqua and turquoise and sticking with colors like Passion pearl would turn out exquisite. For darker skin tones, opting for Smokey Greyyen and other such warm colors while avoiding colors like aqua and pink work best.

In terms of hair, you have to consider whether or your hair categorizes in the black or brown color. For brown hair color, dark color contact lenses, as well as colors like emerald and bright blue, look dazzling. On the other hand, the black hair color supports bright-toned contact lenses.

Another thing to consider when buying Otaku lenses is the type of lens you are buying. Every lens varies from eye-to-eye. That's why, at Otaku, we have already compiled all the information you could possibly need. All you have to do is select the lens you like best and then search through our site to see if it fancies your liking. You can go through influencer reviews, product specifications, blogs, and our videos for your research. Hence, you can be 100% sure that the lens you buy will be the sparkle you need.

Pro-tip: To take your glam game up a notch, you probably want to look under the hood of our magnetic and strip lashes collection.

Lastly, you should also consider light. Try it in high-lighted surroundings. Consider every aspect underneath a good amount of light (such as sunlight), so you can confirm what color it exactly is.

We hope the above-mentioned information helped answer your “how to choose best contact lenses” question. Combine these chic lenses with our glamorous lashes, and voila, you get your desired picture-perfect eye-conic eyes!

Also, if you need a little more information on how to care for your lenses, have a look at our blog: Nerdy Facts You Might Want to Know about Contact Lens to learn how to NEVER get anything wrong about your lens care.

With that said, Happy Glamming to you!

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