Introducing Human Iris Lenses! Imitating the real thing - it’s been years in the making, and we are always working on new design to blow your mind. Always creating the best!

These lenses will add some pop and keep your gaze natural. Composed of several layers, giving you a completely fresh look.

Human Iris Lenses will be available in not just one, but four beautiful colors to select from!

Here's a sneak peek of the colors:


Have you seen Rihanna’s or Zendaya's real eye color before? This Iris Brown Hazel is utterly captivating. Like, are you green? Are you brown? What ARE you?!

This brown hazel shade beautifully enhances any eye color. Perfect for a striking and natural look.

Warning: Might just have people mesmerized ...


Think of Taylor Swift’s blue eyes or Bradley Cooper’s. This shade of blue is a unique blend of blue/grey shade.

It delivers a realistic yet intensely unforgettable beautiful blue/grey eyes, detailed with humour and charisma.


Ever had a crush on that hottie with green eyes? Or maybe Scarlett Johansson and her green eyes?

Now you can have it too! This Beautiful blend of green and grey shade resembles like a precious jewel. People will absolutely get enchanted by the irresistible color eyes.

Especially with our human iris design pattern.


Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, this color can appear violet at certain times.

Color so beautiful you can almost smell the calm lavender vibes.

Transform your eyes and stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous Iris Lavender color eyes... ignite the diva in you boo!

Zendaya GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

These amazing Human Iris Colors are now available!

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