Otaku Lens is proudly high quality color lenses! We produce only the highest quality color lenses with FDA AND CE APPROVED. We are always working to be the best so we use the highest technologies to produce our lenses. PLUSIERUS process technology is applied to all color lens products which prevents the coloring from touching the eyes.

No wonder why we got a lot of inquiries if they are available in prescription - yes we hear you!

And after intensive work and consideration we are happy to let you know that prescription lenses are now AVAILABLE for some Otaku Lens colors.. Hurray!

Here are the Otaku Lens colors that are available in prescription:

Otaku Smokey Greyyen from the Signature Series Collection is one of the bestsellers from our Grey Collection. It is a 3-tone colored lens with limbal ring and hazel in the middle. Inspired by women's strength - the limbal ring represents courage while the hazel in the middle represents embracing your own uniqueness and beauty!

Otaku Lover Cloud is a beautiful bluish/greyish green color. Making it a crowd fave! Imagine looking up to a blue sky and you lying by the water.. and your eyes start to create a very magical cloud of the things you love - a very magical one of a kind tone. It will be love at first sight!

Otaku Desire Honey is our most beloved warm hazel tone from our Brown Collection! It's like captivating the sweetness of luscious honey when they look into your eyes. Extremely desirable - they'll crave for more!

Otaku Inspire Emerald is a majestic bluish green shade from our Green Collection. Inspired by the emerald color of the peacock tail - eyes of the stars. It will give you confidence not only in the way you look but also in they way you feel..


But wait there's more..

Defined V Lifting Mask is also available in our store!!

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