Instagram filters has recently become very popular, and "Eye Color Changer" has been trending real fast. It allows you to change the color of your eyes to brown, blue, green, purple and other colors.

Many would like to see how they would look like with different eye color. Well, we just released New Otaku Lens filter on Instagram. How cool is that?!

To get our filter on Instagram, just go to @otakulens_official account and click the filter icon.

We have 6 available lens color filters - Exotic Grey, Santorini Blue, Holiday Green, Desire Honey, Romantic Green and Honeymoon Ocean.


Maybe quarantine has got you exploring the wild side with these Exotic Grey eye-catching color contacts.

This beautiful shade of grey has a slight limbal ring on them to give your eyes that little bit more oomph and striking look. Super sexy, super Exotic Grey.. what can I say?


A fresh blue color eyes inspired by the beautiful island Santorini in Greece. Quarantine can’t hold your holiday vibes down!

Imagine spending summer looking out into the wide majestic Aegean Sea and your eyes reflecting at the ocean... but with these contacts it’s your eyes that’s the ocean with these Santorini Blue color lenses.


Stuck in lock down for months which felt like yearssssss?
Tired of walking from the bedroom to the kitchen? Ready to get dolled up and bring out that holiday vibes that has been suppressed within you?

This Sultry green color, as it’s name suggests.. will make you feel like you're in a tropical destination where the leaves reflect this beautiful emerald crystal green on yours. That’s really how Holiday Green looks like...


A warm hazel-brown tone. Captivated with the sweetness of luscious honey color. An extremely desired kind of tone.


Beautiful natural green shade. When the romantic things they do for you have you feeling like the grass is greener everyday? And everything is just perfect.. You feel safe and warm.


Love being by the pool or beach? Let the reflection of the beautiful blue bless your dark eyes with some light. So lit you be SLAYING. 😎


We are working our best to make the lens look as accurately but like any other lenses, color varies based on your real eye color. See how the lenses would look like on your eyes.

How to download an Instagram filter?

1. While in the Effect Gallery, tap on a filter you'd like to try and wait for the preview page to open.
2. Find and tap the download icon located at the bottom right of the screen to save it to your camera.
3. The arrow will change to a checkmark when the Instagram story filter has saved.
4. Tap the "X" in the top right of the filter preview screen or swipe down to return to the Effect Gallery.
While testing a filter you can also tap the name of the filter on the bottom of the screen to bring up an option to "Save Effect," which you can tap to save the effect to your camera.
5. Select the back arrow on Android phones or press the "X" on iPhones in the upper left corner of Instagram's Effect Gallery.
6. You can now find your newly saved Instagram story filter in the menu.

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Try out our lenses on you before you decide on a color to buy! More colors will be added soon so stay tune!

Get your dream eye color with Otaku Lens !

Shop yours now!

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