Want to transform your eyes to a mesmerizing brown color? Here's a guide on which brown shade would look BEST on YOU!!


Otaku lens is the most natural looking color contact lenses in the market! But more importantly these are not just a pretty color... Otaku lens is highest grade! Choose from Otaku lens brown shade colors to get the look that you always wanted!

Otaku Desire Honey is an extremely desired brown tone. It has a warm hazel brown shade. It's like captivating the sweetness of luscious honey when they look into your eyes. Our most beloved color!

Otaku Brown Sugar from our Russian Kiss Collection is medium brown color with limbal ring giving out the most natural look! Wear this and you're sure to make an impression that would surely last!

A unique color from our Signature Series Collection - Otaku Sunrise Love has a blue limbal ring covering a warm hazelnut cream brûlée taste to the eyes. It's like stretching your arms out of bed as the sunlight in the morning hits your skin with that warm fuzzy feels..



Solotica is one of the best contact lenses from Brazil. It has a wide range of colors to choose from. Here's a guide for our brown shades!

Solotica Hidrocor Ocre is a honey brown color with a tinge of grey. This stunning color is a go-to color of most Asians! Wear this and you'll have them reminiscing about your beautiful eyes..

Solotica Natural Ocre is a nice brown/hazel shade with a tinge of grey with a limbal ring. Also known as Honey color. Subtle but still striking like your eyes making a statement!

If you like to have a fresh look, go with Solotica Hidrocor Avela also known as Hazelnut. It's has light natural brown color with yellow/brown tinge. Beautiful for everyday look!

Solotica Natural Avela is a natual hazelnut color with slightly more brown tinge and a limbal ring. It covers dark eyes very well while complimenting all skin types giving you a brighter complexion!

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Now you can have that Brown eyes that you wanted. What are you waiting for?!

Get them from Otakulens and Solotica lenses.

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