Contact Lenses Cleaner Machine (White)

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Only white and pink colors available. And will be sent at random unless specified.

The most premium, advance & effective Contact Lens Cleaner Ever!

If you are a contact lenses wearer then you NEED THIS PRODUCT! (This will keep your lenses sparkling clean, and feeling moist and brand new over and over again)

You notice sometimes no matter how much you clean it or how thorough you think it’s been clean, it’s never quite “clean” enough? 

Let's face it, sometimes we get lazy too. But that is never an excuse to not have comfortable contact lenses!

Introducing our new contact lenses cleaner, using a new technology. SUPER EFFECTIVE!

It removes tear protein which causes deposit and bacteria build up out of the lens! Using Protein Electrophoresis in Biomedicine.

Removes 100% of Tear Protein out from the contact lenses which reduces 98% or more of infections.

Improves comfort of wearing contact lenses.

And expand the life of contact lenses!

What Are The Effects of Tear Protein?

DRY EYES - Tear protein blocks oxygen from reaching eyes 

PHOTOPHOBIA - Tear protein Oxygen Permeable Orifice, which leads to corneas' obstructive metabolism

KERATITIS - Tear protein breeds bacteria, microorganisms, causes corneal infection, and a variety of eye diseases

How Does It Works?

Proteins carry negative charges. The two cleaning poles made of nanometer material are the electrodes. The positive pole on the right side absorbs dacryolin, and the negative pole on the left side releases hydrogen, therefore removing the dacrolyn from the contact lens.

3N cleaning poles are the only suitable material that absorbs 100% of the dacrolyn deposit with the principle of protein electrophoresis.

In addition to having powerful cleaning functions, the cleaner also looks instagrammable too!

Why do we need to clean the lenses?

Contact lenses are covered with countless tiny holes that enable our eyes to breath, however, the proteins in our tears block up the holes and reduces oxygen permeation rate, causing corneal anoxia, which leads to eye redness, dryness and keratitis, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases.

In order to preserve their moisture content, contact lenses constantly absorb our tears, which is why our eyes feel dry. Without enough ‘water supply’, subtle deformations will occur around the contact lenses, causing damages to our corneal and bacterial infection.

Electrophoresis, is a war between electrochemical technology and proteins and bacteria in the microscopic world. Proteins carry charges under certain conditions, and are adsorbed by nanometer electrodes in the electric field, while bacteria are inactivated by microcurrent and CIO- produced by electrolysis.



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Ability to drastically transform Dark eyes to light eyes!
Last up to a year with TLC.
Most natural looking lenses Check out the top instagram influences who wears Otaku contact lenses.
(Barely there) - Most Natural cosmetic Color contact lenses non-prescription.
Beautiful White Otaku box
Inside the box you get 2 blister packs (contact lenses are inside these)
A contact lense case (this is empty for you to store your lenses in)

Material: 62% Polyhema

Hydration: 40%

Diameter: 14.0 mm

Base curve: 8.6

Packing: 1 pair; (2 piece) in a box

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