Today I actually got the most strangest email lol

And it gave me an idea to write a page for it.

Wow, I could definitely say this is the first time getting an email like this. Hope you manage to find it; but here's our suggestion but we do suggest you going to your doctors or looking around in case it fell out. (It's quite transparent)

We can only think of 2 reasons ..

1. You drop the contact lens before putting it in your eyes.

2. If it's actually stuck, a way to get it to come out is-

Get an "eye cup" and put the contact lens solution in it- hold it to your eye- (like your cupping it.

And with the cup still in on your eyes,
Pull your head back, and then roll your eyes around.
Make sure you hold it close or else the liquid will spill out-

(This helps the contact lenses float out)

And usually if it's stuck it will come out.

Move your head forward (down) with the cup still there against your eyes, and then you should see the lenses.

But we always suggest you to go see your doctor.

Our advice is just from personal experiences.