How to Tell If Your Contacts Are Inside Out?

Did you know that there is an actual proper side to wearing your lenses?

So I'd like to write about this in my blog because after talking to a few friends, I realized not everyone actually knows!!

So the best way to tell if your lens is inside out or not is to place the lens on your index finger, put it to the light. The lens should look like a half circle, and if it looks like it has more of a peak in its shape then it's inside out. (see photo)



As you continue to wear contacts, you'll start to get the hang of it and you'll eventually figure out whether they are inside out or not.

Wearing the lenses on incorrectly won’t harm your eyes. But you can tell right away if it feels uncomfortable or it moves around when you blink.

When this happens, remove the lens, wash it with the solution, and try putting it in again by using the above method.

Or you can purchase a special solution called: AOSEPT















It helps get rid off protein build ups on lens. Gives it a more thorough clean in my opinion.

It comes with a special barrel, that you use to soak the lens in.

Please read instructions on the package :)

Before putting anything in your eyes, we always suggest you to get professional advice from your optometrist.

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