Ok, though it’s a quite rare happening for contact lenses to get stuck in the glass vials...
But one must stay prepared to meet any of the challenging situation.
Contact lenses are usually sold and comes in the vials (glass bottles) sealed pack where they are meant to float and suspended in the solution.
The solution is responsible to keeping them sterilised & hydrated.
Unfortunately when lenses do not move for months during storage in the warehouse, they may adhere themselves to either of the wall or the bottom.
Don’t let the disappointment burse your bubble of excitement on receiving your lenses.
If you find them glued to the vials the first thing you must do is to shake your vials gently.
If this doesn’t get your lenses moving, go for the following:
1.Using Luke Warm Water
This is tried & tested.
Soak the unopened vials in lukewarm water (about 40-50 degrees Celsius) for 5 to 6 minutes and allow the vials to swiftly float in the water.
The warm water will make lenses detach themselves from the vials.
If still nothing noticeable happens, please shake your vials gently again to help them moving.
And step 2. Using Tweezers (the contact lenses tweezers that is!)
See video:
Using tweezers, softly and VERY gently try to remove the stuck lens from the vial.
Soak it in the regular contact lens case; transfer it in the solution.
Soak it in the solution overnight.
After, in the next morning inspect your lens for any damage or tucks.
If you suspect any unusual notch or chewed edges, just take a clear picture & send to us claiming for your replacement.