1. The REVIEW DISCOUNT CODE is only valid if you leave a review in the product that you purchased.

2. After you left a review, you will be able to use the REVIEW DISCOUNT CODE on your next purchase.

3. All orders under the REVIEW DISCOUNT CODE will be monitored and will be cancelled if it's found that you are not eligible to use the code.

4. The "Review" should be verified to consider the validity. 

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How to leave a REVIEW:

• Go to our website : www.billionairebeauties.com 

• Click on "SHOP NOW" then select the product that you PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED:

• Once you selected the product you previously purchased, scroll down till you find the "WRITE A REVIEW" button:

• Click on "WRITE A REVIEW" and fill out the following portion as below:

* Score - How many star you will rate the product

* Title - Over-all impression about the product (most of the time short description)

* Review - You can put your over-all experience here. About the product, the customer service, shipping etc ♥

• After filling out the form, make sure you put your "NAME" and valid "EMAIL ADDRESS" then hit "POST":

• Confirm the review you created in your email address and voila! you're done! ♥