Make sure you soak your lenses in proper “contact lens solution” overnight before applying them.


Because Saline Solution (the liquid that comes with the lens) doesn’t disinfect Contact Lenses.

So it's recommended to soak the contact lenses for 6-8 hours in multi-purpose solution or in disinfectant before the first use.

This is done to neutralize them before letting them come in contact with your eyes. The saline solution is normally used to rinse the lenses and store it until open.  (and if you have sensitive eyes, the saline will burn your eye a bit.) 

The best habit to get into is to soak your contact lenses in solution over-night or 6-8 hours at the very lease (we know you guys are keen beans to put them on straight away).

That way the contact lens become soft whilst the solution replenishes and prepare the contact lenses to rock out your human eyes overnight ! WOO!


What if I wear Contact Lenses directly out of the Box?

We don't suggest it. Even though we do hear and see some people who put it directly on the eye without soaking them. BUT it's not recommended. As mentioned earlier; the Saline solution in which the contact lenses come in, is not safe for your eyes.

Wearing contact lenses directly after taking them out of the glass vials will burn your eyes, sting them leading to excess watery eyes.

We always tell customers to check with their optometrist prior to purchasing the lens.

Contact your eye care professional if you experience any symptoms of eye irritation or infection.