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Colour Comparisons & Differences:

Hidrocor, Hidrocharme and Natural Colours

Hidrocor Quartzo (Quartz) vs Hidrocor Cristal (Crystal)

Hidrocor Topazio vs Natural Colours (NC) Topazio

Natural Cristal (Crystal) vs Natural Quartzo (Quartz)

Natural Quartzo (Quartz) vs Hidrocor Quartzo (Quartz)

Hidrocor Mel vs Hidrocor Amber (Ambar)

Hidrocor Ocre (Ochre) vs Hidrocor Avela

Hidrocor Ocre (Ochre) vs Hidrocor Mel

Find My Colour:

Picking the Best Colour for Dark/Brown Eyes

Picking the Right Colour for Tan or Dark Skin

Hidrocor Topazio in my Natural Green Eyes

Picking the Best Colour for Hazel Eyes

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How to Open Solotica Lens Glass Vial

How to Apply Contact Lenses

How to Remove Contact Lenses

How to Give Your Lens a Thorough Clean

How Long Can I Wear my Contacts Lenses

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Can I Wear my Contact Straight out of the Vial

Is It Safe To Sleep While Wearing Solotica Contact Lens

Eye Drops for Contact Lens Discomfort

Makeup or Contact Lens First

I Can't See the Lens inside the Glass Vial

How long does lenses last?

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May I Know the price of your lenses?

How long does it take to deliver within Australia?

How long does shipping take for international orders?

How long can Contact lenses be worn?

Why do price changed at checkout?

Does the solution come with the lenses when you order it?

Do you guys do any payment plan for the contacts or is it straight forward payments ?