We get ask a lot about this question. So thought it'll be an ideal blog for you guys!
So.. "How long can you wear the lens for?"
Otaku contact lenses can last up to 6 months while Solotica contact lenses can last up to 1 year.
BUT obviously it's also how you take care of them and how you use them.
Always make sure you soak your lens in proper contact lens solution. (And that doesn't mean the liquid that is in the glass jars.) 
Soak them in for at least 8 hours, or preferable over night.
When they are soaked overnight. You can wear them as following:
We would suggest 1-3 days- 4 hours
3-6 days- 6 hours
6+ days - 8 hours
Your eyes need to adapt, and so to gradually wear them helps your eyes to get used to wearing this type of lens.
We are not optometrist, and these advice is just suggestive care.
It's best you speak to your optometrist to find out what works for you. And you should always speak to your optometrist prior to wearing anything in your eyes.
Everyone's eyes are different; the atmosphere and weather does contribute to make your eyes dryer or red. Pay attention.
Make sure you use eyedrops.
And find the contact lenses solution that works for you. Some people's eyes can get dry very quickly, then find a more moisturizing saline solution. 
Some people where the lenses straight out of the vials and be okay (although it is not recommended) CLICK HERE to find out why.
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