Curious to know..

What's the difference between Hidrocor Ocre and Hidrocor Avela? (click here for specifics)

...or any the other colors?

We have that covered in this blog for you <3

ps. YOU'RE welcome hehe ...

So we have listened to your problems, enquiries and questions.

We always do our best to make sure you get all your questions answered!

So here is a blog for you beauties about the comparison of our Solotica colored contact lenses.

I know how hard it is to pick the colour you want if it's not compared side by side!

Hope this helps you decide and see how they look compared to, from different colour lenses..

We love to hear YOUR feedbacks, so just let us know anytime by clicking here.

Check these videos out:

Hidrocor Mel vs Hidrocor Ocre



Hidrocor Mel vs Hidrocor Ambar

Hidrocor Avela vs Hidrocor Ocre

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