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Christen Dominique known on instagram as @Christendominique

She is beautiful. She is a thriving entrepreneur. She is enterprising. Meet beauty vlogger and YouTube sensation Christen Dominique. Back in 2009, who would have thought that a full-time student and an actively engaged mother would turn her beauty tutorials for friends into an impressive number of subscribers ringing to the sound of 3 million and growing?

With a multicultural descent to boast of, this Guyanese-Portuguese, Mexican, Arabian beauty tells you how to be on top of your game with different eye colours.

Choosing the right colour for dark eyes and light eyes can be tricky, Christen runs you through the choice of Solotica contact lenses and how you can play around different colours and look casual as effortlessly as you can go all glam and sensuous with these gorgeous coloured lenses. She also shows you how to be creative and non-repetitive by working around with different makeup styles. 

1 and 4: Her Topaz eyes are highlighted and looks perfect for a luncheon or a date night

2 and 3: These quartz pair of contact lenses makes her look both dreamy as well as adventurous in a very Lara Croft way

6. Says who that you can’t look gorgeous even when you are sweating it out?

7. Bringing in the 90s back with this look.

8. Get ready to party in these dramatic honey coloured contact lenses

9. Channeling Kylie Jenner in her natural tint.

11. and 12. Smokey eyes with quartz or honey coloured lenses look gorgeous

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