About Billionaire Beauties

Billionaire Beauties is an online store based in Australia, Melbourne selling "Solotica" and "Otaku" coloured contact lenses, we are dedicated to providing the best contact lenses to women worldwide. And not just women, but men are equally welcome to try them out.  And if things could not get any better, they just did: we deliver free express shipping*, too!

Getting the perfect winged eyeliner is one way to step up your eye make-up game. Wearing falsies is another, but unless your makeup skills level is that of a pro, you might as well forget about them.

For women with shaky hands, we have another simpler way of literally transforming their eyes: Wearing coloured contacts!
Ever noticed how you feel like a different person altogether when you have your shades on?
Wearing the right sunnies make you feel like you have some control on your life...or at least you can pretend to be someone who has some control on their life.
Wearing contacts can do somewhat the same.
Here is a definitive list of how wearing coloured contacts can change your life:
  • Your eyes look more prominent which can take some attention away from that pimple that just popped out of nowhere on your cheek.
  • Your dreams about what you would look like if you had hazel coloured eyes are now more of a possibility.
  • No more using photo editing apps to change your eye colour. Like, please that is so last month! Less apps in your phone=more storage memory=more space for saving photos and songs!!
  • Getting to constantly play up with your looks, simply by just changing lenses. Mysterious, flirty, alluring---whatever floats your boat!


Vision – To Become Your Go-To Place for Realistic Colour Lenses
With our amazing lenses, feeling beautiful inside out has never been this easy. Billionaire Beauties also understand that it is important for our beautiful clients to look like a billion bucks, but very realistic looking billion bucks. Keeping this in mind we have paid a lot of attention in making our coloured contact lenses look as real as possible.
Fewer things are worse than realizing that you invested money in buying coloured contacts which make you look so artificial, it would put Barbie to shame. Our contacts are for everyone as long as they want to look stylish while not compromising on comfort.

With an extensive range of colours, we are 100% sure that no matter what colour it is that you are seeking, you are likely to find it at Billionaire Beauties! Super comfortable to wear, our products can literally last up to a year...a little of it depending on how well you take care of them.

Eyes really do say it all and with our coloured contacts, give them a little help in expressing whatever it is that they want to say; feelings, moods, personality anything.

Our special limited edition products and accessories at affordable rates put us at an ideal position to allow quirky, bright, and happy women all over the world to experiment with their looks. To check out the complete range of our products, visit our SHOP: