Are Wearing Your Lenses Makes Your Eyes Feel Irritated?

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Make sure you give your contact lens a good clean. We recommend to soak the contact lenses with new contact lens solution overnight after opening so it will be cleansed thoroughly. Find the best lens solution and eye drops for your eyes.

Avoid using your finger and try out the lens applicator/tweezer (this way it helps prevent any makeup particles that could be on your fingers.) Have a look thoroughly and closely to the lenses (hold it to light) as sometimes there are fluff that stick to it from your environment or like glitters from your make up (it happens often.)

Flip the lenses. Our lenses are created thin to be comfortable and breathable but if you wear the wrong side it’ll get uncomfortable.

Also your eyes may produce too much protein when wearing lenses, please visit an eye doctor to prescribe the correct lens solution to help ease the over production of protein in your eyes.

BUT make sure you always give your lenses a good clean and keep them moist! 

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