If you have light brown eye color and wanted to wear contacts to get a fresh new look, this is for you!
Natural light brown eyes

Here 's a guide to help you know what Otaku lenses would look like on light brown eyes.
Otaku colour contact lens so transparent in opacity that it looks invisible
The contact lens itself is designed very opaque and almost looks "invisible". You just need to REALLY look closely.
The unique high tech designs really makes it hard to pick out if you're wearing colour contact lenses because it is designed to blend so well with your natural eyes!

More importantly these are not just a pretty color... Otakulens is highest grade
QUALITY with FDA AND CE APPROVED and designed with the latest technology on the sandwich design that helps protect your eyes from getting in contact with the color.

One of the crowd favorites is Otaku Smokey Greyyen. This is a 3-tone colored lens with grey tone and hazel in the middle.
If you want something a little more subtle and blue ish you can wear Otaku Husky-ish. Blue and chill on the outside with a cool grey tinge - you’ll love it!
Another interesting lens color from our collection is Otaku Sunrise Love. It has a blue limbal ring covering a warm hazelnut cream brûlée taste to the eyes.
If you want a sharper look, Otaku Winter Kiss is for you! It has a light greyish hint you'll definitely love it too!
Another favorite is Otaku Inspire Emerald. It has a slight limbal ring with a greenish blue color which gives it an “edge” and a set of mesmerizing eyes...
And for a more unique look you can never go wrong with Otaku Paradise from our Unicorn Collection! The beautiful purple infused, butterflies and a warm tinge of hazel creates a magical color to your eyes.
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These colour lenses will literally transform your EYES!!
Go get 'em girl!!!

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