While we all love the wonderfulness that comes with wearing Solotica lenses, there are a many of us who wear glasses, making plano (i.e., zero degree/no prescription) Solotica lenses an impractical choice. Why not have Solotica lenses in prescription? We glass wearing intellectuals want our eyes to look beautiful too!

Therefore, at ONE lens, we can offer prescription lenses via preorder. Just fill out the contact form below and include in the message:

  • Your prescription requirements (both eyes)
  • Your colour choice from our shop
  • Your location

Once enough orders are collected, we will contact you again very soon with a payment invoice and the lenses will arrive in 3-10 business days (it's next business day delivery in Australia). It's as easy as that! 

To make it even easier - all prescription orders will receive FREE SHIPPING (check if you live within our covered regions) because you deserve it! So what are you waiting for? Send us your order for prescription lenses now!