What Is Rihanna's Real Eye Color | Does She Wear Coloured Contact Lenses? We Reveal All!

There are about 1,240,000 google search for "What is Rihanna's real eye color?" and people are always wondering, and pondering...

Here we gathered some images and tell you our thoughts of analysis of Rihanna's Eye color!

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is Rihanna aka RiRi's real name. Her background/nationality is;
- Afro-Barbadian (paternal grandfather)
- Scottish, English, Irish (paternal grandmother)
- Afro-Guyanese (mother)

A number of reason that her eyes can be such a unique color. So what is Rihanna's real eye color? And is she wearing contacts?

Here we will nut it out with pictures to show you what Rihanna's Real eye color is!

So.. below is Rihanna's real eye color; It looks like a dark green with hazel shade.

Rihanna Wearing Contact Lenses
We literally search high and low, and this is probably the best photo of Rihanna as a kid.
What's Rihanna's real eye color? And Does Rihanna wear contact lenses?
The image color does us no justice... Can't really tell her eye color but we have more photos for you!
Rihanna Wearing Contact Lenses
In here Rihanna's eyes look a little lighter.. Assuming the flash at the time she took this image is brighter, hence you can see the tone of her skin. It's like green, grey, brown shade resembling Otaku Kryptonite Green or Otaku Sultry Siren.

Rihanna is wearing a simple strapped blouse, but still looking glam as EVER! Rihanna's eyes look kind of like our Otaku Holiday Green or Otaku Romatic Green.

In this photo Rihanna looks like she has a grey brownish eyes much like Otaku Smokey Greyyen and Otaku Brown Sugar. This one you can actually see the limbal ring in her eyes.Some more close up of Rihanna Wearing Contact LensesHere Rihanna's eye look kind of more of a subtle brown resembling the Otaku Desire Honey or Otaku Brown Sugar.

This is a fave photo of RiRi! You can see her eyes up-close and it's stunning! Her eye color seems greyish in shade like Otaku Exotic Grey and Otaku Dark Silver.

A fierce look from Rihanna paired with somewhat gold greyish eyes! Very interesting color which is similar to Otaku Iconic Fluke.

And in this photo of RiRi from a Fenty event she attended, her eyes pink dress goes well with her greenish grey eyes just like Otaku Lover Cloud and Otaku Inspire Emerald.

Well that's it for this blog!

Most of the images are taken in different lighting, and Rihanna's eyes are mysteriously changing colors due to her beautiful mix background.
Some images the editor would have enhance the color brightness, but until you see the real deal, there's only so much you can tell. But we still love you Rhianna! xoxo


WOW, the eyes of a goddess

JBabes June 20, 2020

it’s just…odd? oh btw wash your your hands xo

Dakaranani? April 06, 2020


wh April 06, 2020

lol this doesn’t even answer the question :)

Rihanna Fankingdom April 06, 2020

This is litteraly the coolest thing ever!!! I love rihanna i love tbe colour of her eyes and you guys gave so much detail on every picture i would love to order a pair tge price tag on tbe lenses are a bit much for me cause i woul like something a little below $2000 in the same colour as rihanna eyes the natural eye colour

Charney April 06, 2020


Mike Ock April 06, 2020

Her eyes are HAZEL. There’s no such thing as: dark green hazel eyes. Since whoever wrote this has no idea what it means to have hazel eyes (I have them), let me give you the definition: Hazel eyes are due to a combination of Rayleigh scattering and a moderate amount of melanin in the iris’ anterior border layer. Hazel eyes often appear to shift in color from a brown to a green. Although hazel mostly consists of brown and green, the dominant color in the eye can either be brown/gold or green.

- Hazel eyes are a combination of brown AND green. They can even look more green at times. Rihanna’s eyes are hazel. They have never, and will NEVER, look dark brown. (Like you’ve so ignorantly noted in one of the pictures saying that her eyes look dark brown). Clearly, you don’t know what dark brown eyes look like.

Omg! April 06, 2020

Could be contacts in some photos I think

Bianca Marjorie Shimizu April 06, 2020

I’m gong to the shops.

dave April 06, 2020

Just look at the pupils, they have not been able to create contacts that change the size of the pupil in reaction to light. They all have a particular size to ensure the vision is not obscured. She does not appear to be wearing contacts.

Erica April 06, 2020

I personally love and admire Rihanna for her sweet gentle personality along with the fact that I think that she’s a beautiful young lady inside and out who rose to fame but kept a very humble spirit inspite of all her success and that very commendable. 👍😀

Dawn April 06, 2020

It seems her eyes are either actually Grey or Hazel seeing all the different color reflections, or, we’ll never know. lol

Kayleigh April 06, 2020

she has gorgeous eyes omg <3

uh somebody April 06, 2020

lol that was intresting

An May 10, 2018

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