Do you get to a point when you feel wearing contact lens is a discomfort?

Might be, your eye’s get’s dry. Dry contact lenses may cause dry eye problems such as : scratchy, irritation and redness.

Always remember, before wearing your contact lenses, they are moist enough by cleaning them with the prescribed solution. However, when you feel that it’s getting more uncomfortable wearing them all day, do the “Re-Wetting Process” to quick fix dry eyes.

It is the process of creating artificial tears with your contact lenses to create enough lubricant and moist to your eyes, which will give you comfort and safety when wearing contact lenses throughout your day.

What are the things to remember when “re-wetting”?

• When wearing contact lenses, make sure you have the prescribed eye drops anywhere you go.

• Use your eye drops when you feel that your eye’s gets dry.

• Follow the directions in your eye drops label or use it according to your optometrist advise.

Keep in mind to use eye drops that are for contact lenses because using not the right type of eye drops may cause the following: damage or clouded contact lenses, may block your vision and eventually may become the root cause of an eye problem.

Lastly, make sure to ask your optometrist advice, if you feel uncomfortable while wearing contact lenses.