Tips For Green Eyes Picking Solotica Color Lens

This review is dedicated to all lovely ladies who wants to know how Hidrocor Cristal, Hidrocor Grafite, Hidrocor Mel/Natural Mel look like in their gorgeous green eyes.

Actual Eye Color:

Comparing natural eye color using Hidrocor Cristal (left eye) :

Wearing Hidrocor Cristal (both eyes) :

Using Hidrocor Grafite (makes your eyes grey-ish):

Hidrocor Grafite in Natural Light (light grey in color):

Natural Mel is quite darker than the Hidrocor Mel:

Hidrocor Mel in Ring Light (green-ish in color):

Using Hidrocor Mel on the right eye and Natural Mel on the left eye:

Hidrocor and Natural Color (NC) Comparison