Wondering what comes when you order Otaku Lens?
Wonder no more! Here's what you will receive when your Otaku order arrives!

Basically, you will receive this beautiful Otaku box where you can find your contact lenses.

Note: Signature Series box is black; Gold GIitter Collection box is red.

At the back of the Otaku box, you can check the contact lens color. Make sure you read the color label before opening the box to see if you received the color that you ordered.

Inside the box, you will see 2 blister packs where the contact lenses are. Please double check them first and make sure that the lenses are inside before opening it.

Lastly, you will get this contact lens storage case where you can soak your lenses and store them when not in use.

So there you have it lovelies! Your Otaku Lens should come in:
- a beautiful Otaku box
- inside the box you get 2 blister packs (contact lenses are inside these)
- and a contact lens case (this is empty for you to store your lenses in)

You're welcome! ♥♥♥

Tip: If you wear contact lenses then you need this Contact Lens Cleaner Machine!