One of the most common questions asked by contact lens users falls somewhere along the lines of contacts coming in contact with water.

Can you cry, swim, or shower when wearing contact lenses?

Let's find out!

Crying can somewhat pass as a slight yay, but it's still a major nay. The only reason why it can classify as something you can let happen; you can never schedule your tears. You should avoid crying with your lenses on, but if emotions overload, you might wanna take care of a few things. When you cry with lenses on, your vision may blur as a result of all the extra tears, but do not stress about that. Also, when you cry, there's a chance that the lens may move around a bit and get stuck to your inner eyelid. However, it can usually move back into place. Note that rubbing your eyes or wiping the tears away too vigorously may cause them to dislodge from your eyes. Lastly, if possible, once you are done shedding your tears, take off your lenses and clean them with the contact lens solution before putting them back on.

As for showering and swimming, the case is fundamental to exposing your contact lenses to water, which is a huge NO. Water contains bacteria that may get trapped beneath the lens. Hence, significantly increasing the risk of eye infections. Water contamination can result from mild discomfort to permanent vision loss -- pretty evident that staying safe is ideal.

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