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The fox eye look which is trending now has been shared by models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. With almond-shaped eyes lifted at the outer corners, creating the illusion of "fox-like" eyes.

How to transform your eyes to fox eye look? Simple! Cut lashes in half and place the outer corners in a tilted up direction. Placing the lashes in an uptilt position creates a sensual, elongated effect. And voila! Hello mesmerizing fox eyes!

Up for the trend? You bet! You can totally have fox eyes with Billionaire Beauties Lashes. Achieving a snatched, supermodel look!

Winged-style lash will help achieve the look. Here are some of our recommendations:


The most dramatic lash and so fluffy! We have collaborated with the amazing Diamond Japney Lash brand to bring you the bestest lashes.

Think 'Voluptuous', The kind of lash that makes a statement. So natural, so beautiful.. What more can you ask for?


The type that makes them linger, completely mesmerized by your eyes....


Subtle and beautiful. Keep them intrigued, the thin and thick gives it.. not too good girl, not a bad girl either!


Striking lash, shooting daggers. Volume, but not too much. Fluffy, still makes you feel tough but not too rough. Are you ready to stop traffic?


This lash will make you red carpet ready so you can create the perfect flick. Ideal for date nights, evening balls or just whenever you feel a little extra. This is everything you need to slay!


Wear this faux mink lash and feel like you're on a holiday - enjoying your drink and your sunkissed skin by the beach.

Billionaire Beauties Lashes. is best paired with Otaku Lens to complete the fox eye look!


This is a 3-tone colored lens. The limbal ring represents strength, the grey tone is overcoming adversity, and challenges we face in life.


Our most beloved color; The Desire Honey is a warm hazel- brown tone. Captivated with the sweetness of luscious honey color. An extremely desired kind of tone.


A fresh blue color eyes inspired by the beautiful island Santorini in Greece. Quarantine can’t hold your holiday vibes down!

Imagine spending summer looking out into the wide majestic Aegean Sea and your eyes reflecting at the ocean... but with these contacts it’s your eyes that’s the ocean with these Santorini Blue color lenses.


A gorgeous bluish/greyish green color with gold glitter.

Imagine a blue sky and you laying by the water.. you look up at the sky as the clouds flows by and your eyes start to create a very magical cloud of the things you love.. and you smile, getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside of you..

This color is that and more.. A very magical one of a kind color!

Helpful tricks:
- Style your hair in a high pony tail to lift your eyes even more
- Extend the liner of your inner tear duct down for that foxy look
- Shape your brows as straight as possible for a more attractive eye look

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