3 Simple Steps:
How to open Solotica Glass Vial. (No BLOOD and No SWEAT.)
Watch the Video:
We know how painful or frustrating it can be to open the Solotica Glass Vials...
And we don't want you breaking those beautiful nails...
Sooooo .. we decided to dedicate a whole blog just to help you Master this part! ?
1. First, you need to push into these edges where the line is...
2.And then the middle bit should pop-up a little .. so you want to grab that little bit just with your nail.
3. (Make sure you don’t grab the sharp tip) .. and then pull it up and pull it out.
And the rest should come out with it... but obviously this time it didn’t (haha)
But, even if it doesn’t.. you can still grab that and pull it up.
And there you have it! Tadah! ?
And you're very welcome ;)
Ps. You can use pliers to yank it off or a thick pot holder. as opposed to your fingers.