Have dark brown eyes but looking for colour contacts to change your eye colour that looks natural?
Worry no more! We have the BEST contact lenses that will TRANSFORM YOUR DARK BROWN EYES to your desired eye colour!!
Otaku Lover Cloud on dark brown eyes, they can turn out blue-green grey ish colour. Imagine a blue sky and you laying by the water.. you look up at the sky as the clouds flows by.. and your eyes start to create a very magical cloud of the things you love.
(Signature Series) Otaku Smokey Greyyen is a 3-tone colored lens. The limbal ring represents strength, the grey tone is overcoming adversity, and challenges we face in life. The hazel in the middle represents embracing your own uniqueness and beauty.
A crowd favorite! Otaku Waterfall Blue is a beautiful light grey colour. They're really opaque which gives a very natural looking eye colour for dark brown eyes...
Otaku Husky ish is blue and chill on the outside with a cool grey tinge inside.. Bringing you just that little bit of bad ass but good babe vibes!
Inspired by the emerald color of the peacock tail “Eyes of the stars.” Otaku Inspire Emerald has a slight limbal ring with a greenish blue color which gives it an “edge” and a set of mesmerizing eyes... This eye color will give you more confidence!
Otaku Winter Kiss is a beautiful grey colour lenses that gives a natural eye look in dark brown eyes.. Sexy and mysterious!
Solotica Hidrocor Amber looks bright green color in dark brown eyes. It would give you a unique look if you're looking for a drastic eye colour change!
Solotica Hidrocor Ocre is a honey hazel color. Light brown with a tinge of grey. You'll have them reminiscing about your eyes! It is also a fave amongst Asians!
A very natural subtle colour. Solotica Hidrocor Grafite is blueish with a tinge of grey. Not too bright blue for dark brown eyes - great for everyday kind of colour!
Solotica Hidrocor Rio Buzios from Solotica Rio Collection is a natural looking green shade. Colour so natural they won't notice that you're wearing colour contacts!
Solotica Natural Colour Quartzo is blue/green and greyish color at times with a slight ring on the outer edges and a tinge of yellow in the inner pupil. It's bright and very light, it can make deep dark brown eyes turn into this natural looking light eyed beauty!
A new fave from the Solotica Gemstone Collection. Solotica Hidrocor Safira is inspired by the rich blue color of sapphire stones. It will certainly give your dark brown eyes a sparkling look!

Go get the eye colour that you want from Otakulens and Solotica lenses.

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