Soooo you need a little help on how to pick the best colour contact lenses for you? 
Here we thought we'll help you get a better understanding and making your life justttttt a little EASIER for you..  on a guide to help you know 'how to pick the best colour contact lenses for dark eyes from the Otaku Collection.
If you have Natural Dark Brown Eyes chances are you will see a transformation and colors will usually turn out better than people with super light eyes. (How ironic!) 
Otaku colour contact lens so transparent in opacity that it looks invisible
The contact lens itself are designed very opaque and almost looks "invisible".
Just need to REALLY look closely..
The unique high tech designs really makes it hard to pick out if you're wearing colour contact lenses.. because it is designed to blend so well with your natural eyes!
Especially if you have dark eyes (hooray!) they really show up well..
as for my friends. with lighter eye color.. well the only transformation you get is a slight change from the shade of your natural eyes.
e.g. if you have blue eyes, and you wear Otaku Romantic Green,
it'll enhance your eyes to a slight hazel color. (it's like paint, when you add blue and green = the result)
Unless obviously if you go darker, then yes that's a transformation from light to dark!
Make sense? Otherwise..
otaku colour contact lens in colour 'Lover Cloud' a shade darker then Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo
(image above model is Nessasunshine, she has natural brown eyes and she's wearing Otaku Lover Cloud)
Otaku contact lenses Lover cloud on dark eyes
This colour is inspired by popular demand of people wanting a shade darker for Solotica Hidrocor QuartzoWe bring to you the birth of Otaku Lover Cloud. A very magical, one of a kind color. If you want a dramatic change and not over the top like the Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo.
Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo color comparison
(see above for color comparison of Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo vs Otaku Lover Cloud)
(Model's natural eye color is medium brown eyes in Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo)
On dark eyes, they can turn out blue, green grey ish colour (depending on the shade of brown you have)..
It still takes time to get used to as these lens is known to actually transform dark eyes to really light eyes. 
(Wickedbeautification wearing Otaku Honeymoon Ocean on the left and her natural eye color on the right)
For those of you who want something a little more subtle and blue ish -
Otaku Honeymoon Ocean is a subtle warm ocean blue.
Not too dramatic - great for an everyday look.
otaku Desire honey on brown eyes
If you want a more like a natural bronzy look (since that's the "in" thing right now) then Otaku Desire Honey is the one for you! It is definitely one of our customers' favorite! This color is inspired by Solotica Hidrocor Ocre, but with lots of feedback saying the new opacity is a bit too grey and a lot people favor the old darker shade.
Otaku desire honey on dark eyes solotica hidrocor ocre
Since we launched the Otaku Desire Honey it was is an instant love at first sight for many! 
Well you could see why though? It's so gorgeous!
Otaku Desire Honey - like a hazelnut brown - the subtle  enhancement. If you find the Hidrocor Ocre is too light for you then Otaku Desire Honey aka Hazelnut is for good for you!
Otaku Colour contact lenses in the color 'Inspire Emerald' Similiar to Solotica Natural Quartzo
Great for someone who wants a more 'sharper look' the slight limbal ring gives it just that oomph and you'll really wow the crowd... Otaku Inspire Emerald will make your eyes mesmerizing .. 
Ok, now for the go-getter, the ones who love the light colors! Girl, let's do itttt! 
These literally transform your EYES..
Otaku Passion Pearl shade darker then Solotica Hidrocor Cristal
Wear Otaku Passion Pearl and compliment it with some strong eye make up - you'll have people that can't help but stare at your eyes... it really is a game changer!
Give it some time if you're not used to it. It'll rub off on you, and you probably couldn't live without it!
Otaku Passion Pearl is like grey ish but unlike Hidrocor Quartzo and Hidrocor Cristal it is a shade or 2 darker. Some people prefer it not being OVERLY light and for that reason we came out with this shade of colour Otaku Passion Pearl...
@styledbyhrush wearing Hidrocor Cristal
Hidrocor Ocre too light? Check out Otaku Desire Honey.
The perfect shade of hazel brown! It's a shade darker than Solotica Hidrocor Ocre and great if you want that warm look! It compliments many skin tones. What is your skin tone?
Hidrocor Ocre in Dark Brown Eyes
You can wear it everyday (if you find Hidrocor Quartzo and Hidrocor Cristal too over the board). This can give your desired hazel/light brown look. 
Give it a kick by colouring your waterline with eyeliner!