Many people are interested in trying color contacts to change their eye color and Billionaire Beauties is thrilled to offer New Otaku Lens Colors for more options!

The New Otaku Lens colors offer a beautiful eye enhancement that gives a natural-looking shades of blue, hazel, gray and green to amplify everyday style and glamour.

Want to get that "wow" factor? Then you may want to check our New Otaku Lens colors that gives the eyes a “pop”!

Otaku Exotic Grey is a beautiful shade of grey that has a slight limbal ring on them to give your eyes that little bit more oomph and striking look. Super sexy, super Exotic Grey.. what can I say?

Otaku Santorini Blue is a fresh blue color eyes inspired by the beautiful island Santorini in Greece. Quarantine can’t hold your holiday vibes down!

This sultry green color, Otaku Holiday Green, as its name suggests.. will make you feel like you're in a tropical destination where the leaves reflect this beautiful emerald crystal green on your eyes. That’s really how Holiday Green looks like...

Otaku Iconic Fluke is a beautiful grey shade color that has gold glitter on them. Giving your eyes the warm look like listening to heartfelt songs on a moon lit evening.. It's like reminiscing a beautiful experience of love..

A gorgeous bluish/greyish green color with gold glitter, Otaku Sultry Siren, is like looking into a beautiful blue sky and you laying by the water.. you look up at the sky as the clouds flows by and your eyes start to create a very magical cloud of the things you love.. and you smile, getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside of you.. This color is that and more.. A very magical one of a kind color!

Otaku Precious Angel is a dreamy light grey color with gold glitter on them. A touch of mystery and color so captivating it can transform your dark eyes to beautiful warm grey shade.. I’d say perfect kind of grey - even that is an understatement!

kylie jenner | Tumblr uploaded by -ˏˋocean eyes ˊˎ-

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