Coloured contact lenses not only transform the color of your natural eyes but also highlight them to give you a fresh look. You just have to choose the right color for the right occasion and you'll surely slay!

Depending on your desired look, there are different different types of contact lenses to choose from:

Enhancement Tint Lens is a type of contact lens that is designed to enhance but not completely change your natural eye color. These lenses are worn just to enhance the natural color of your eye. These tinted lenses work well for people who have lighter eyes.

Color Tint Lens completely change your natural eye color, whether you have light or dark eyes.

Theatrical Lens gives you a special effect look and chages your natural eye color drastically. They are worn on occasions like Halloween and other similar ones.

Handling Tint is a type of contact lens that is not designed to change or enhance your eye color. They are tinted to make them visible so that you can locate them in the solution.

Choosing the Right Pair for You

The color of the contact lenses will depend on how often you are going to wear them.

If you will wear them on a daily basis, you would like to choose natural colors.

If you will wear them on special occasions, you may choose bold colors like blue contact lenses to get a dramatic look.

Natural Dark Eyes

If you have natural dark eyes, opaque coloured contact lenses best suits you. Go for hazel or honey brown coloured lenses to get a natural look.

Otaku Desire Honey

For more dramatic look, you can choose vivid colors like blue, grey or green.

Otaku Santorini Blue

Otaku Sultry Siren

Natural Light Eyes

If you wish to change your looks in a subtle way, you can go for grey or green coloured contact lenses, especially if you have natural blue eyes.

Otaku Winter Kiss

Otaku Holiday Green

If you want a more dramatic look, you can choose purple coloured contact lenses or if you have blue-red undertones you may choose a warm-toned contact lens such as light brown.

Otaku Brown Sugar

Consider your skin tone as well, while choosing the color of your lenses. Bright coloured lenses on dark skin tone and dark eyes will definitely make you stand out from crowd.

So what are you waiting for? Get the eye color that you wanted!

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