Hey beautiful,
What you will receive in this beautiful Solotica box... (Blue is Hidrocor and Pink is Natural Colors)

Before opening it, make sure you check box label to see if the color you receive is the one you ordered (you can find on the side of the box) ♥

(If incorrect please contact us straight away and take a picture and we will resolve it immediately. Do not open it)

Once everything is correct.

You can go ahead and open the box.. you will see:

- 2x glass vials (your contact lenses are in these)
- A contact lense case (this is empty for you to store your lenses in)

Before opening the glass vials..
PLEASE check for the lenses..
look at it thoroughly to see the contact lenses are there.

We DO NOT ACCEPT when you contact us saying the lenses aren’t there when you’ve opened it.

The lenses are very transparent it’s in there, please look carefully.

If you still can’t see it.
Please send us a video of it and we will guide you through what you need to do.

We appreciate you shopping with us and we can’t wait to see you in them ! Please tag us !
We love to see them on you!

Also we have a refer and earn program.