Solotica Hidrocor Ocre (Ochre)

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"A honey, hazel colour. A light brown with a tinge of grey. You'll have them reminiscing about your eyes.. 

Also a favorite go-to color amongst the asians!"

Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses Solotica Hidrocor Ocre (Ochre)

PLEASE NOTE: Colour may vary depending on existing eye colour/skin tone/eye shape/lighting. Colour is not guaranteed to look the same as this photo. Lighting makes a huge difference. Please do thorough research, and feel free to email us for any questions.

Can't decide what colour to get? Click here to see colour comparison.

1 pair of lenses in PLANO 0.00 Degree

Durability of 1 year after open.

Material: 62% Polymacon;
Hydration: 38%;
Diameter: 14.2 mm;
Base curve: 8.7;
Packing: 1 pair;

Manufacturer: Solótica

  • Suitable for cosmetic use only
  • No Solution Included
  • 2 lenses in a box
  • Colour may vary slightly in reality Material

NOTE: Solotica Hidrocor lenses are difficult to spot when in the glass vial or their bottle.. Almost clear..they are very pigmented and they are very light in color so please be careful when taking them out to avoid losing them and think they aren't in there!

Important : For all payments made using credit card. We will need to verify you via email prior to process your orders. Or alternatively you can pay via PayPal, Afterpay & ZipPay. Thanks for your understanding. 


Do you find the Hidrocor Ocre too light? Check out Otaku Desire Honey

Some people spell it wrong: Solitica Hydrocor Ocre Ochre

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    Ability to drastically transform Dark eyes to light eyes!
    Last up to 6 months with TLC.
    Most natural looking lenses. Check out the top instagram influencers who wear Solotica contact lenses.
    (Barely there) - Most Natural cosmetic Color contact lenses non-prescription.
    Beautiful blue Solotica box
    Inside the box you get 2 glass vials (contact lenses are inside these)
    A contact lense case (this is empty for you to store your lenses in)

    Material: 62% Polymacon

    Hydration: 38%

    Diameter: 14.00 mm

    Base curve: 8.7

    Packing: 1 pair

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