Grass is always greener on the other side. While some may dig mesmerizing hazel eyes, those who are naturally born with it aspire for another tint.

Hazel Eyes

Hollywood is no stranger to this fad, did you even know that some of our top notch celebrities have been playing with their eye colours?

Coloured contact lenses are quite a rage and we think a pair of eyes are fantastic but having four is even better. ;) Here is a list to get inspired by and help you get the look.


♥ Kylie Jenner

From her natural brown eyes to those let-me-sink-in-your-deep-blue-eyes. Kylie hits the jackpot, and so can you. Try Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo and get into the Kylie mode.


♥ Kendall Jenner

Are you keepin’ up with the Kadarshians? Kendall’s transition from her natural brown hue to those green peepers are just so fetch. With Otaku Inspire Emerald you come close to getting that look.


♥ Selena Gomez

Such a style icon, how can we not follow her suit when Selena replaced her pretty brown eyes with electrifying blue - grey eyes? 10/10 from us. Not Selena but you can get those eyes with Solotica Hidrocor Ice contact lenses.


♥ Paris Hilton

Not all blondes have natural blue eyes. Paris Hilton doesn’t but look at how perfectly she carries them as her natural tone. From naturally brown to beautiful blue . Otaku Lover Cloud may do the trick for you.


♥ Ivanka Trump

Quite on point with her fashion sense, notice Ivanka’s eyes, they change from brown to green depending on her mood, may be! Otaku Romantic Green can change your mood for something playful.


♥ Nicki Minaj

Nicki is not one who can be confined. If she was born with dark brown eyes, then no way will she live with that alone. Check out her blue contact lenses. She looks as sassy as she always does. With Solotica Hidrocor Marine lenses you can channel Nicki with ease.


♥ Nina Dobrev

Thank heavens Nina doesn’t sport red eyes. But this Vampire Diaries star is such a big ambassador of contact lenses. We are not complaining. You can get her look with Solotica Natural Colour Ice.

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